Who is SQALogic?

  • How can SQALogic help my company?

    SQALogic specializes in ALM/SQA and acts as a pivot at the center of an established network of market leaders; by evaluating and analyzing your objectives and needs, we help build the strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals.  Similarly to your family doctor, SQALogic will place you in contact with all the specialists needed to address your pains and transmit to them all the pertinent data they require to get to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the end, your company will save precious time and dollars by focusing with laser precision on what matters.

  • Who's behind SQALogic?

    David Milette is the founder of SQALogic and work as his president and managing director. He’s been in the industry for almost 20 years and has gained through it a solid reputation. To have more information on him, feel free to see his biography or his resume.

  • Where SQALogic is located?

    We are headquartered out of Canada in Montreal, Quebec but we operate with clients all around the globe.

Acronym Definitions

  • What is SQA?

    SQA stands for Software Quality Assurance and simply put, it is a process aimed at finding all the anomalies or “bugs” that could impact negatively your day to day operations. Like in any QA activity, the principles are simple; you want your software to be fit for purpose and to hit the mark the first time around. You clearly don’t want your customers to be the ones bringing to your attention issues, nor do you want to discover a hidden bug because it caused a disastrous production outage that in effect will tarnish your company name and reputation. SQA is aimed at allowing you to trap issues before this happens…

  • What is ALM?

    ALM stands for Application Lifecycle Management and it represents all the steps and activities that a software will go through from cradle to grave. It starts with an idea and flows through many phases such as modeling, visualization, development, testing, debugging, release/deployment and maintenance and it ends with the decommissioning of the application.  Even though SQA is present during the entirety of this lifecycle, it’s best and more cost efficient to focus on it early as the cost of resolving an issue is incrementally more as the project progresses.

General Questions

  • We are already in possession of SQA Tools and have began automation but simply have not met our goals. Can we leverage what we've already done?

    Absolutely! No matter where you stand in your automation process, no matter what toolset you are leveraging, be it a packaged solution such as HP/Mercury, IBM/Rational, Worksoft Certify or an open source tool such as Selenium, SQALogic will work with your teams to establish a plan of action that gets you the most out of your investment. We say “NO” to shelfware and want to see your investment in tools be maximized!

  • We've gone through training with our vendor, we've had assistance from our SI, how will SQALogic's approach differ and get us success where we've failed in the past?

    Your vendor provides you with a tool, they then enable your team on its functionality. Your SI is tasked with deliverables that are time sensitive and aim at achieving specific goals. At SQALogic, our one and only goal is helping you stand up a sustainable QA practice. By bringing together a network of the key vendors and specialized delivery experts from around the globe, the knowledge is virtually limitless. David Milette, the founder behind the company, brings with him an invaluable perspective having been in the industry for close to 20 years. In addition to his unique experience, SQALogic provides you access to a solid network of information and experts. We will orchestrate the right solution and individuals to get you results.

  • Why is it that my vendor did not provide me with this network?

    There are two (2) main reasons:
    1. They only hire people that will work on a full-time basis for them. Experts are often a relatively expensive resource and in reality, you most probably don’t really need them full-time. For this reason, experts tend to prefer being more independent.
    2. Because a vendor will only want the expert to provide his specific vision, sell his specific tools. Partnerships most often include exclusivity clauses, these clauses serve to protect their best interest and are understandable. However, their best interest are not necessarily the ideal ones for your organization; it is for this reason that SQALogic has opted to remain agnostic in the industry. We aim at assessing all viable options for our customers based on their specific needs and facts and tailor a solution that caters to you. There is no limits set and this is the strength of the SQALogic Network!

  • My business is located outside of Canada, is SQALogic capable of providing services in my country?

    Absolutely!  We have worked with customers from around the globe. Where there is need for our services, we will make ourselves available.  

  • Our primary language is not english, can SQALogic accomodate us in our native tongue?

    SQALogic is working very hard to offer access to local resources that are part of the Network and uphold the standards of excellence we aim for. While we might not have partners in every single country, we do have some on each continent. They are all very fluent in english and most of the time speak the language of the countries where they are located. In addition to this, being local ensures that the cultural particularities are understood and this ensures projects simply run smoother!