President and Managing Director



David Milette serves as President of SQALogic. He is also the managing director of the company’s global practice.

Specializing in the area of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Mr. Milette brings to the benefit of his customers almost twenty years of IT experience, fifteen of which specifically in the areas of software quality assurance (SQA). Over the years, Mr. Milette has assisted many organizations globally in delivering on time and on budget projects. His unique vision and unparalleled experience has allowed him to consistently reduce costs and time of Quality Assurance projects leading to overall risk mitigation

Through the years, Mr. Milette has acquired an incredible amount of experience by occupying a wide variety of positions in the vast spectrum of ALM and SQA, and this, at many of the market leaders in the industry. From manual tester to Country President at one of the market leading players via many key and strategic roles at Compuware Corp., Mercury Interactive, HP, Worksoft, TurnKey Solutions and SAP, Dave has seen and done it all in this industry. He has been around the world many times and assisted organizations deploy SQA strategies that truly work. This polyvalence and knowledge of the whole cycle is accompanied by a vast knowledge acquired through these global and diverse experiences.

Mr. Milette’s reputation in the industry as a thought leader stems from this passage. He is regarded in the arena not only for his polyvalence and knowledge but as importantly for his strong integrity and customer centric focus. This combination has proven to be a recipe for success that make Mr. Milette an excellent resource for anyone seeking knowledge and guidance as it pertains to the intricacies involved in Application LifeCycle Management.

Mr. Milette holds a B.S. in computer programming from The University of Sherbrooke in Quebec where he graduated with honors.

He resides with his wife and two children in St-Alexandre, QC on the south-shore of Montreal. He is an avid runner and enjoys playing guitar on his free time.

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David Milette

President and Managing Director


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