“A network of industry leaders driven by your success”



SQALogic is a Canadian corporation whose primary markets are Application Lifecycle Management and Software Quality Assurance or, for short, ALM and SQA.

We are headquartered out of Canada in Montreal, Quebec. Incorporated in 2012, the company is the brainchild of David Milette, its founder. Having operated in this industry now for close to 20 years and having seen the pitfalls that so many customers stumble upon while trying to deploy a best of breed ALM and SQA strategy, Mr. Milette felt compelled to bring his wealth of knowledge as well as his broad network of contacts in the field directly those requiring such services.

Getting the most value for your SQA investment while mitigating business risk is the mission that drives us. SQALogic prides itself at being 100% agnostic. Our aim is to work with your approach and solution set to ensure that proper best practices are in place to drive the most value out of your efforts. We will help you steer a course to a best of breed solution tailored to your organization’s specific requirements and needs taking into account your current landscape and future objectives.

Orchestrating a network of global market leaders in the ALM space, SQALogic can ensure that your critical projects are outfitted with the individuals having the proper skill set ensuring project success. Leveraging relationships forged over the last 20 years, SQALogic can ensure that your mission critical projects get the attention they require from your ALM software providers.

By involving SQALogic, you will gain access to the power of this network. You can rest assured that we will leverage our outstanding relationship with the key vendors and consultant organizations worldwide to bring their expertise and guidance directly to you when needed.

No project is too big or small; this network approach can support all sizes and type of ALM and QA projects.

For more information we welcome you to contact us and we will gladly provide further detail.